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Firefox.exe Not Opening

Are you a frequent Firefox user and you are facing an issue while opening the program? Isn’t it annoying? In order to open Mozilla Firefox, we run the “firefox.exe” program file, which is a standard executable file for Windows that starts the browser when you click the Firefox icon on your system interface. However, you might not be able to open it sometimes, when malware or corrupted data interfere with the firefox.exe file functions If you wish to overcome this error you can follow the methods mentioned below or else get in touch with the expert professionals at the Firefox Customer Service Number in case you need further assistance.

Safe Mode : Before getting into much complex and time-consuming troubleshooting methods, restart Firefox in Safe Mode. All you have to do is just hold the “Shift” key and double-click on the Firefox icon. By doing so, the Firefox program will restart without any setting or add-ons. If by opening it on Safe Mode open the file, then an add-on may be corrupted and causing hindrance while opening Firefox. So when the Safe Mode window appears, click on “Reset Firefox” in order to restore Firefox in its default state. And if it doesn’t open even in the Safe Mode, then the problem isn’t caused by a plugin or extension; hence you have to consider some other method.

Reinstalling and Updating Firefox : If you failed in starting Firefox in the Safe Mode, then the Firefox program file might be corrupted. The second most comfortable and convenient method can be trying to restart your computer and reopen Firefox. If it still doesn’t start, uninstall and reinstall Firefox completely. Then after downloading the latest version of Firefox, you have the follow the instructions at Mozilla Support to uninstall previous Firefox from your system. After the program is reinstalled, make sure you keep it updated to the latest version at all times. Because through this, you can keep your system far from bugs and viruses.

User Preferences : You might have to create a new profile in Firefox Profile Manager before you delete your current profile, by entering the following command in the Run box – “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”

Firefox saves all the user information in a series of preference files called the “User Profile.” It stores cookies, bookmarks, download history, and more. However, due to unlimited data, you might receive a “Memory could not be written” error message, for which you have to clear your old profile and create a new one because your user profile might be corrupted. After creating a new profile open, relaunch it in Safe Mode. If Firefox opens, delete your old profile

Malware : If the Firefox program does not start even after deleting your user profile, your system might be infected with malicious software. Hackers to damage programs and computer systems often use Malware, being a frequent online threat. If you do not currently have Malware, bugs, anti-virus, or anti-spyware scanning programs, then download and install free programs and run a system check. You may have several viruses or pieces of Malware affecting Firefox and other programs on your computer. After running the malware scans and removing or quarantining malicious files, restart your computer and retry opening Firefox. This will surely help you out.

So, if in case you facing any error like this where you are unable to open Firefox, follow the methods or troubleshooting steps to get out of it. You can even take advice by our experts on Firefox Contact Number for further assistance.

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