Cannot Connect to Norton Server

How to fix ‘You Cannot Connect to Norton Server error’ Error?

What if you get to know that somebody has access to all your personal information that is on your PC? You will be left terrified! Isn’t it? If you want to keep away from any such situation, it is highly recommended to go for any trusted antivirus software which will help you protect your device from unwanted online threats. Norton antivirus is known to be one of the most reliable security software, which uses its exceptional features in order to keep malware and other threats away from your system. But there are times when you may encounter an error message saying ‘cannot connect to the Norton server,’ which basically comes up due to various reasons. When you confront this error, it means there are some connection issues with your network. The problem does not stop you from accessing the software, but it may take your system in a critical situation later. Do not worry and go through this article to understand the causes and methods you could use to fix this error. If it is urgent, you can also ring up Norton customer service number and ask for additional assistance from the experts.

Possible causes of the problem

  • When the software was not installed completely
  • Corrupted Windows system file may lead to this error
  • You might have made any changes in the firewall settings recently
  • It may be caused due to some malicious programs.

Solutions to overcome the error:

  • Method 1: Verify if the browser is set as default: Firstly, you will have to visit the browser settings and make sure that you have activated Norton shield in the browser
  • Method 2: Go for the Norton activation repair tool: It is recommended for you to visit the official website of Norton and download the Norton activation tool from there. After downloading the tool, it will ask you to reboot your computer. Once you do that, open the software again.
  • Method 3: Uninstall and reinstall the software: If the two steps above fall short to help you, the right choice would be to uninstall the software and then install it all over again from the official Norton website.
  • Method 4: Use the ‘Remove and Reinstall’ tool: Finally, you can also make use of the ‘Remove and Reinstall’ tool, which has been provided to you by Norton. Download the tool from Norton’s official website and install the same on your system. Once completed, run the tool to fix the connection problem with the server.

If none of the above solutions work, you should immediately reach out to the techies at Norton helpline number and explain your query to them.

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