Adobe Support Number

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a widely used cross-platform PDF reader which allows the users to view, create, manipulate, print, and even manage files in the PDF format. This software works efficiently across multiple platforms, but there are certain situations where the users face difficulty in installing the Adobe Acrobat on programs such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint. If the users are unaware of how the installation procedure of Adobe works, then they have the option of connecting with Adobe Tech Support Number. This service is available 24-hours so that it is convenient for the users to resolve the problems that the users face.

Install Adobe Acrobat Reader in Linux

Various features of Adobe Acrobat Reader

There are multiple features which the users can use when they choose to work with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some of the most amazing features that this software brings to the users is as given below:

  • This software helps the users open PDF attachments from the web and emails quickly.
  • The users get the feature of storing access and sharing documents in the cloud.
  • The users get to use bookmarks and hyperlinks to navigate through the PDF documents.
  • This software supports text effects such as highlights and underline.
  • This software allows users to add comments using sticky notes.
  • This software is also utilized for creating electronically signed documents.

Process : Installing Adobe Acrobat Reader in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

By following the below-given steps, the users can understand the process of downloading and installing Adobe Acrobat Reader. The steps being mentioned below are  the same for Ubuntu as well as Linux Mint:

  • The users would have to launch ‘Terminal.’
  • Then you would have to enter the following command to install ‘gdebi’ package installer. The enter the root password to complete the installation.
  • Further copy and paste the command in the terminal. Then you would have to remember that Ctrl+V does not work so you would have to right click and choose the paste command.
  • Now you would have to use the command to install the downloaded .deb binary package.
  • Enter the root password when you are asked about.

With the help of the given steps, you would efficiently be able to install Adobe Acrobat Reader in Ubuntu and Linux Mint. If you face an issue while undertaking any of the given steps, then you would have the option where you can connect with Adobe Phone Number. This service is accessible on a 24-hour basis and is available through a toll-free number.